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PJP (Peter Joosten Productions) was established July 1 in 1985 by Peter Joosten. Through his experiences in theatre directing and musical background in the mid eighties he started dubbing foreign cartoons.

This did not go unnoticed in Hilversum (centre of the television industry in The Netherlands) and he was asked to do more and more. In the early 90's he started working for the new commercial nationally known stations such as RTL4, SBS6 and Veronica.

Many internationally known animated series such as 'My Little Pony', 'The Simpsons', 'Bouli, ‘The Real Ghostbusters’ were dubbed in Dutch by PJP. Many films and series were broadcast in the period from 1989 to 1996 in the famous TV-programme ‘Telekids' by RTL4.  


TV- & video-Production

In addition to TV programmes and documentaries we also make web TV and corporate videos. PJP Film & TV Productions has already made its mark in the Province of Limburg and has built up an extensive portfolio of companies, governments, institutions and (non-profit) organizations. In 2010 the company celebrated its 25th anniversary year.   


Animation workshop

Since mid-2007 PJP Film & TV Productions has set a new industry standard, namely creating custom animation and cartoon series produced entirely in-house. We use specialized animation software from Canada producing complete cartoons. In The Netherlands animation is but a small branch in the audio-visual field. PJP Film & TV Productions is one of the few companies in The Netherlands where serial animation productions can be made. 


Family business

As of January 2010, the two sons of Peter, Jeroen and Bram, stepped into the business. The second generation of the Joosten family within the company is now a fact. Jeroen is responsible for the commercial and technical issues within the company. Bram is committed to the financial side of the business.

Mother Annemie takes care of the administration and daughter Janneke is also active in the company since 2009 and provides editorial support of the productions and TV programs. A family business in the Dutch industry is definitely a unique situation.