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Converting process


PJP FILM has developed a process  to “up-convert” the original 4:3 SD animation to 16:9 in HD using professional equipment and special software. We can convert various video formats seamlessly and at such a high level of quality that the output is indistinguishable in appearance from the original master!

We use a aspect-ratio that warps images without visible stretching of the image that normally occurs. We also remove unwanted noise caused by transmission from videotape directly. We encoded our own library to a progressive HD-codec. We can do collorcorecttion

Digital delivery

PJP provides a one-stop-shop service covering the entire video content chain between videocontent owners, broadcaststations and cable-operators. The flexibility of our process enables us to quickly adapt to any technical specifications and deliver animation content to any cable- or telecomoperator. Our organization and infrastructure are set up in a way that from a single master file, we can deliver to every channel or platform.