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Distributor animated films

Besides a TV-production company PJP is a distributor for animated cartoon films and series. We have a large catalogue 41 cartoonfilms and 43 cartoonseries. All are fully dubbed in Dutch in the period from 1985 to 1996. PJP is copyright-owner of the Dutch dubbing. Every film and serie in our library is still on videotape either 1”C,  D3 or Betacam format (format 4:3 SD). PJP is distributor for The Netherlands and the Flemish speaking part of Belgium!

Complete technical support

We invested in equipment for mastering, encoding and digitizing our library. PJP carries out the complete technical and facility support for our own animation-catalogue. Our services enable linear tv and video on demand.

Here you can find information about our converting-process. It explains how we digitize, convert and deliver our Dutch dubbed animation-content.

Just take a look at our catalogue of cartoonseries!